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Dry fruits Gajak

Step into a world of indulgence with our exquisite Dry Fruits Gajak from Sahu Gajak Bhandar. Crafted with a perfect blend of premium dry fruits, jaggery, and expertise, our Dry Fruits Gajak promises a delightful fusion of flavors and textures in every bite.Immerse yourself in the rich taste of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, and pistachios, expertly combined with the sweetness of jaggery. Each piece reflects our commitment to quality, with no compromise on authenticity. Whether enjoyed on its own or shared with loved ones, our Dry Fruits Gajak is a symbol of tradition and luxury.

Elevate your snacking experience with the goodness of dry fruits and the crunchiness of Gajak. Add a touch of opulence to your moments with Sahu Gajak Bhandar's Dry Fruits Gajak, where every bite is a celebration of taste, quality, and tradition

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Save ₨329.52Dry Fruit Gajak 600 Gram Sahu Gajak BhandarDry Fruit Gajak 600 Gram Sahu Gajak Bhandar
Dry Fruit Gajak 600 Gram Sale price₨470.48 INR Regular price₨800.00 INR
Save ₨48.57Dry Fruit Gajak 250 Gram Sahu Gajak BhandarDry Fruit Gajak 250 Gram Sahu Gajak Bhandar
Dry Fruit Gajak 250 Gram Sale price₨284.76 INR Regular price₨333.33 INR
Save ₨239.05Gud Agra Gajak by  Sahu Gajak BhandarDry Fruit Gajak 500 Gram Sahu Gajak Bhandar
Gud Agra Gajak 500 Gram Sale price₨427.62 INR Regular price₨666.67 INR
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