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Sahu Gajak Rewadi

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Sahu Gajak Rewadi

  • Jaipur's Famous (Rajasthani Gajak) Crispy and flaky Gajak from the legendary brand  “Sahu Gajak Bhandar “✔
  • Handmade Gajak from purified and finest sesame seed and jaggery  ✔ 100%Natural & Veg and No added preservatives, no added colour ✔
  • Jaggery contains a lot of iron & is a natural hemoglobin booster. Jaggery is good for digestion & good natural cleansing agent for the body, it is being used in India as natural after meal or dessert for ages. Gajjak which is a natural combination of jaggery & Sesame seeds works as a great natural energy booster for a healthy life.  ✔
  • Gazak is natural and healthy food which is kid-friendly and perfect Indian traditional snacks. It is best &  fit for fasting, Upwas and gifting on festivals. It is a traditional yet healthy Indian snack, mithai. Gajaks are also a perfectly natural and healthy replacement of chocolates. ✔
  • Best before 4 months from packing under prescribed storage condition and consume immediately after the opening ✔. Store in the cool, dry dark and hygienic place keep away from keep snacks in an air tight box after opening ✔