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Experience the timeless delight of Tilkut from Sahu Gajak Bhandar. Handcrafted with precision, our Tilkut is a sweet symphony of sesame seeds and jaggery, embodying the essence of traditional Rajasthani excellence. A guilt-free indulgence for any occasion, our Tilkut is a blend of tradition and taste, free from preservatives, color, or flavor. Relive cherished memories with this classic Rajasthani sweet, made with locally sourced ingredients. Choose authenticity, choose Sahu Gajak Bhandar for an unforgettable Tilkut experience

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Save ₨326.67Rajasthani Tilkut Gajak 500 Gram Sahu Gajak BhandarRajasthani Tilkut Gajak 500 Gram Sahu Gajak Bhandar
Rajasthani Tilkut Gajak 500 Gram Sale price₨340.00 INR Regular price₨666.67 INR
Save ₨286.67a box of sahu tilkut cookies with a ferris wheel in the backgroundtwo boxes of sabu tilkut on a white background
Tilkut 500 Gram Sale price₨380.00 INR Regular price₨666.67 INR
Save ₨123.81Tilkut 250 Gram Sahu Gajak BhandarTilkut 250 Gram Sahu Gajak Bhandar
Tilkut 250 Gram Sale price₨209.52 INR Regular price₨333.33 INR
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