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Cham Cham Gajjak Sweets 500 Gram

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✔️ Sesame sweets ( Til Ki Mithai) is an exotic version of the traditional homemade and handmade sweets of Rajasthan.

✔️ Til Barfi Gajak is a popular snack to grace any occasion in winter. It is preferred by all age groups for a healthy life. It is best & fit for fasting and gifting at festivals.

✔️ Til ki mithai (Cham Cham Gajak Sweets) is moderately sweet with enriching the taste of Sesame, Jaggery, Sugar, Ghee, Pista, Kaju, Cardamom, and tree nuts.

✔️ Gajjak is packed in an airtight pet box with three external packaging for delivery in good condition.

Sahu Homemade Snacks 

✔️ No Added Preservatives

✔️ Handmade 

✔️ No Artificial Colour 

✔️ No Artificial Flavor

Storage Instructions:

✔️ Store in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.

✔️ Store in an airtight container.

✔️ Do not keep it in the refrigerator and keep it away from moisturizer.




No artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavour, No Genetic Engineering, No Preservatives, Suitable for Vegetarians


500 Grams

Other Popular Names of these Snacks

 Sesame sweets, Til Gud ki Barfi, Cham Cham Gajak, Til ki Mithai, Gajjak Sweets and Kesar bati gajak

Ingredient Type




Region Produced In


Item Package Quantity

1 Box

Shelf Life

 4 Months from Manufacturing Date

Appropriate Age Range

Kids to Adults (All age groups)

Package Information

 Net 500 Grams  Sweets in 1 box


Sahu Gajak Bhandar

Allergen Information

Sesame Seed and tree nuts

Net Quantity

500 Grams

Product Shape

Round and roll shape


Sesame, Jaggery, Sugar, Ghee, Cashew, Pistachio and Cardamom

Serving Size

500 Gram in 1 Box

Country of Origin




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Cham Cham Gajjak Sweets 500 Gram Sale price₨371.43 INR Regular price₨666.67 INR