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Khastha Gajak 700 Gram

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 ✔️ The Sahu Gajjak Biscuits is a Jaggery Snacks treat packed with delicious Elechi flavors. Gazak is made with Sesame, Jaggery, Sugar, Pure Desi Ghee , Cardamom and tree nuts

 ✔️ Crispy and Flaky Sahu Gajak is an exotic version of the Traditional Homemade and Handmade Healthy Snacks.

✔️ Sahu Gajak is a popular snack to grace any occasion in India. It is preferred by all age groups for a healthy life.  it is best & fit for fasting and gifting on festivals.

✔️ Sahu Gajak is moderately sweet with enriching the taste of Sesame Seeds Jaggery, Sugar, Pure Desi Ghee, Cardamom, and Tree nuts. 

✔️ We use only the highest quality Sesame Seeds and artfully meld it in the finest jaggery to make Sahu Gajjak that is deliciously crunchy. Every munch of Sahu Gazak will leave you with a mouthful of flavorful memories

✔️ Gajjak is packed in an Airtight Pet Box with Three External Packaging Including Bubble Wrapping for delivery in good condition.

Sahu Homemade Snacks 

✔️ Preservative Free

✔️ Artificial Colour Free

✔️ Artificial Flavour Free

✔️ Pure and Handmade 

✔️ Natural Ingredients

Storage Instructions:

✔️ Store in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.

✔️ Store in an airtight container.

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Khastha Gajak 700 Gram Sale price₨570.48 INR Regular price₨800.00 INR